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It just sucks

Every so often, the misfortunes of life layer themselves upon me. The individual events are minor, but when they fall one after the other, the resulting cascade of failure is enough to cause a normal person to trundle off to happy acres in an “I love me” jacket. I, however, am so used to the cascades they seem almost comical if not predictable.

At the start of a one happy-go-lucky Memorial day weekend, I stopped off on my way home and purchased a DVD that I’ve been wanting. It was an old animated feature from the 70’s. I get home and unwrap the Fort Knox like packaging, and pop the disc into my PS2. Unlike the other DVDs I own, this one refused to play. It would just loop between the logo and main menu. Thinking that this one of those discs that just won’t play on a PS2, I decided to test it on the DVD player in my personal computer.

This was the first time I’ve tried playing a DVD in my computer, and not surprising, it didn’t work there either. It seems that I don’t have the correct software for the DVD player (a decoder). Unwilling to let this stand in the way of seeing my new DVD, I head down the store and buy a real DVD player. I get home with my new toy and start the installation process only to discover that my television set doesn’t support the cable system provided by the DVD manufacturer. Grabbing my keys, I head back out to purchase the correct cables.
This time, I’m all set. I pop in a test disc and everything works just grand, except when I try my new disc - still no go. I sadly accept the fact disc itself that is bad. I set the disc aside with plans to test the DVD at work on Tuesday.

Ah, but my weekend was not yet done. Unable to watch my ancient animated feature I settle in for weekend of on-line computer gaming, only to have the power supply in my computer fail on the holiday. There is no chance of getting a replacement until Tuesday.

You’d think that would be the end of my troubles. After all, I purchased a DVD, which didn’t ‘work in my PS2, discovered that I didn’t’ have DVD decoder software on my pc to test the DVD disc, bought a DVD player that needed an additional cables, only to find out that the CD was bad, and then my cable modem goes bad. Well, it seems that wasn’t quite enough. I arrive Tuesday morning only to find out that the video card in my PC at work had also gone bad. And, to top it off, the only replacment video card was also bad.

Oh, yeah, about that DVD disc. Sure enough, I works just fine on somebody else’s PC at work. I guess I just wasn’t meant to enjoy that DVD.

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