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Flat Tire

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a flat. A good many people have the Auto Club just so they don’t have to worry about it, but it happens to all of us. I was driving along in my car, a jeep, as the sun began to set when I got my first flat. As is typical for me, it also had just started to rain. I was long accustomed to such misfortune, and paid it no thought.

Pulling over into an empty parking lot, I gathered up the jack,and lug wrench then started the processing of removing the tire. By the time I rolled the tire around the back of the jeep, it was dark. I started to remove the spare, but this proved more difficult than it sounded. I couldn’t’ get the lug wrench to do anything but spin on the nuts. The cloud cover broke just enough to let in a small bit of the moonlight. In the dim light, I saw why I was having such trouble. The previous owner of the jeep thought it would be super funny to strip the nuts on the spare tire. They were round as a donut.

Sighing at my typical luck, I sat down on the wet asphalt and contemplated my position. As the rain came down in earnest, I figured I had three options; I could leave the jeep on the jack, and walk with the flat tire to a service location. Since it was now after normal business hours, I didn’t think I’d find any place to fix the tire at this time. My next choice was to just step into ongoing traffic and be done with it all, but I figured my bad luck would only seriously maim me, and the jeep would still have the flat. The only real option was to put the flat back on and carefully drive the jeep back home or at least somewhere safe I could park it.

With the rain continuing to pour down, I struggled with getting the flat back on. Just as I got the tire back on, the streetlight flickered out. I sat in the total darkness in the rain and began to wonder if I should have gone with choice number two. Using braille-like methods, I managed to put the nuts back on, and lower the car to the ground. Dripping wet, I climbed in, and hoped for the best. Slowly I inched my way back home with out pulling the tire off rim.

Standing on the porch, dripping wet, soaked all the way through to my underwear, with keys in hand, the rain stopped. My only thought was that it sucks to be me, it really does.

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