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Talk about petty

One weekend afternoon, when all three of Charlene’s children were at the house, a knock came at the door. A very polite woman stated that she was from the Department of Child and Family Services, DCFS. She was there investigate the drunken party we were having with the kids were in attendance. We were shocked. Drunken party? I was sitting on my butt playing on the computer, Charlene was cooking burgers in the kitchen, and the kids where parked in front on the set playing video games. What party? It seems that an anonymous call came in describing a loud party where underage children were subject to all kinds of drunken and sexual debauchery. I was bewildered. Us? There must be some mistake. Who would make such a claim? She couldn’t tell us, since it came in through their 800 emergency report line. We let her have look around and seeing no drunken party, no empty beer cans, no loud music, no wild partiers, she said her goodbyes and left. I dismissed it as some error and didn’t’ think anything of it.

A few months later and another knock came to the door - DCFS again. This time I was beating the children within an inch of their lives. Nope, the children were playing Frisbee in the front yard with several of the neighbor kids.

Two weeks later, another visit by DCFS. The charge this time was that Charlene and I where living with dozens of animals, ankle deep in droppings. A quick look around the house and the DCFS agent saw that was false. Do you see a pattern here? We saw another six visits from DCFS before I’d reached my limit. On the last one, I wouldn’t let her in the house until she told me who my accuser was. I gave her 6 seconds to get off my property or I’d call the police for trespassing.

The next time you think about getting a divorce, I hope that you use more common sense and don’t resort to such petty actions like these.

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