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In my spare time I also enjoy playing the piano, juggling, and studying history.
I used to play tabletop role-playing games, but after too many years of GM favoritism and spoon feeding (and with my luck, I was not one of those being spoon-fed), I moved on.

I have become a big fan of MMORPGs (Massive Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games). I played Everquest for 4 years but dropped it when an explosion of MMORPGs resulted in huge drop in the number of players.

I've tried most major MMOs. City of Heroes, WoW, Dark Age of Camelot, Matrix, Star Wars Galaxies, and even D&D online. These days, I've settled into EQ2. With the dismissal of Raph Koster, Sony's chief creative officer, changes have been made to the game I whole heartily agree with.