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Who am I? All joking aside about being the unluckiest human to walk the planet, I am the person you see every day but don’t notice. I’m a person you’ll never see until you meet me. I’ve been accused of having an aura so low, I barely register as alive. I’m the guy that works in the basement of your company, the person you never heard about.

I arrived on this dust ball February 2nd 1965 – yes, I’m that old. Even at an early age I knew I was going to be a storyteller. I would write these little fantasy tales for the people I knew. In my early teens I stumbled into the first fantasy role-playing game, Dungeon & Dragons. I played through high school and later one created my own game worlds. I used those game worlds to weave my fantastic tales for all my players to participate in. Right about the time I started college (community college, not a university), microcomputers made their appearance. I played every game I could find and afford. I even got a job a local game store and convinced the owner to carry computer games so I could get them at wholesale.

Everyone has special talents that make them who they are, things that set them apart of everybody else. We could each fill a book with those traits. I am no exception, but I won’t bore you with my self-promotion. Suffice and writing.

I’ve worked as a freelance writer and software tester. I’ve written testing tools and small computer games. I stumbled into web development because my favorite daily joke page went down, and moved into back end web programming from there.

I'd hoped to turn these talents in to a career for myself in computer game design, but that has proven difficult. One day, Interplay Entertainment, the makers of Fallout and D&D computer games, needed a web programmer. I had just the right skills they needed. For once a beam of luck shone through the murky darkness for me, I got the job.

I’m still doing web programming for Interplay. I’ve picked up most of the web languages and tools as its come out: HTML, Cold Fusion, ASP, C#,, DHTML, java, JavaScript, Flash, SQL, Visual Basic. I still write my stories, and create my game worlds. I keep my ears open for that one break I need to move from writing web code to creating games, stranger things have happened.

Interplay is no more. Due to corporate misgovernace the company folded along with my chance to become a game designer. With the bust of the dot-coms, I've had a great deal of trouble picking up work so I've elected to take a bartending course and change work industries. I'll post the full story of Interplay's demise soon. Stay tuned.