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using ChartTookKit;						
private void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
	//simulate a database pull
	DataSet ds = MakeDataTableAndDisplay();

	//new chart class
	ChartToolKit.PChart3D QuestionChart = new ChartToolKit.PChart3D(200,400);
	//default size 250, 500
	//ChartToolKit.PChart3D QuestionChart = new ChartToolKit.PChart3D(); 
	QuestionChart.SetDataSet(ds, "Value", "Choice");

	//optional parameters
	QuestionChart.SetFontSize(9); //default is 10
	QuestionChart.SetDescription("What did you drink on your Last Flight?");
	QuestionChart.SetLastSelected("You answered ", "Tea");
	Bitmap oBitMap=QuestionChart.GetChart();

	Response.ClearContent ();
	Response.ContentType = "image/gif";
	oBitMap.Save(Response.OutputStream, ImageFormat.Gif);
	Response.End ();
Download the ChartToolKit.dll and use it in your projects

Sample Graphic created with the above parameters
<img src="ChartImage.aspx">

While totally unneeded, this was pulled from MSDN to provide a dataset for demonstration purposes.
private DataSet MakeDataTableAndDisplay()
	DataSet ds = new DataSet();
	// Create new DataTable and DataSource objects.
	DataTable myDataTable = new DataTable();
	// Declare DataColumn and DataRow variables.
	DataColumn myColumn;
	DataRow myRow; 
	// Create new DataColumn, set DataType, ColumnName and add to DataTable.    
	myColumn = new DataColumn();
	myColumn.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Int32");
	myColumn.ColumnName = "Value";

	// Create second column.
	myColumn = new DataColumn();
	myColumn.DataType = Type.GetType("System.String");
	myColumn.ColumnName = "Choice";

	// Create new DataRow objects and add to DataTable.    
	for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
		myRow = myDataTable.NewRow();
	myDataTable.Rows[0][0] = 50;
	myDataTable.Rows[1][0] = 125;
	myDataTable.Rows[2][0] = 50;
	myDataTable.Rows[3][0] = 25;

	myDataTable.Rows[0][1] = "Beer";
	myDataTable.Rows[1][1] = "Tea";
	myDataTable.Rows[2][1] = "Milk";
	myDataTable.Rows[3][1] = "Other";

	return ds;