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ManagerDotNet (C#/.Net)

One of the recent projects I did was to create a back end manager for a game company. I created the entire project included graphics and layout design. While it is (or was) behind a corporate firewall, I created a few screen shots of what it looked like. Please note that I cropped some of screen shots to make the file size a tad smaller and you may need to expand the image depending on the width of your monitor settings.

Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5,
Image 6, Image 7, Image 8, Image 9, Image 10

Populating a Drop List (C#/.Net)

One of the first .net functions I created, populating a drop list from a database programmatically. In most of my experiences, a relational database feeding the drop list had a numeric value and a text label.

Populating a Drop List with date information (C#/.Net)

Not much to this one, just creating day, month, and year drop lists.

Email validation (JavaScript)

Because spammers are harvesting email address off web sites, many companies are going to email forms. Since its less load to have client side verification, I wrote this little javascript to check for a valid email using Regular Expressions.

Populating Drop List (ASP)

Same as the C# version, only written for ASP

Datagrid fun (C#)

I wrote several functions to take advantage of .net inplace editing on a Datagrid. I've tried to clean up the code of other custom functions. I have not included the database connection routine(s), but those are unique to each database.

Rollover (JavaScript)

Although I don't see much call for this any more, I'd still thought I'd put it up. It is just a small simple means of creating a mouse over change on a image

Dynamic 3D pie charts (C#)

Create dynamic 3D pie charts with C# without using cyrstal reports. Drop my little DLL into your project and feed it a Dataset for instant 3D pie charts. Dazzle your boss. Amaze your friends.

One day, I'll add more optional parameters . . .

DataBase Access Class (C#)

As part of my common functions library, I created this simple Data Access Class for handling stored procedures. It was based on ASP version I found. I liked it so much I decided to make a C# version.

Reading & Writing XML Data (C#)

Just some very simple stuff on handling XML in C#.

Passing values to a user control (C#)

There are so many ways to create templated pages, including the class within a class system I found here. I wanted something quick, simple and robust. By the time .Net 2.0 is out this whole thing might be redundant.

Quick Layer expand

Ever so often I need I little script for a toggle system for showing and hiding content on some web site. Here is a little bit I quickly tossed together one day.